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Spaced Slat Gates

    -  Spaced Slat Gates provide a see-through effect which can be a lot, or just a little.

Estate Gates

    -  Gates without modesty.  Solid Redwood or Mahogany construction make these gates worthy for any luxury property.

    - Organic looking designs.  Wrought iron, carved wood panels, leaded or blasted glass panels.  Designs without boundaries.  Take a drive through Laguna Beach and you will see the types of gates I am referring to.

    - Your gates are a presentation of your property... the entrance gate is oftentimes the first impression.

    - If you can visualize it then it can be built.

*  Finished in the color of your choice.

*  Hardware installed.

*  Ready to hang!
Premium Redwood Gates are handmade wooden gates with timeless beauty.  Now with 3 styling options:
    * Original Design
    * Heavy Hardware
    * Stainless Steel

Premium Redwood Split Gates are for wider openings.

Gate Options include; latches, locks, portholes with Italian wrought iron, porthole doors, matching wood jambs, more pronounced arches, unique band designs, lighting, arbors, pool code compliance, and more.

Additional Gate Types:
68_x_72_Split_Gate_Installed_3221.jpgGate_w_Pediment_-_standing_back.JPGcastle_w_gate.jpgGATE OPTIONSredwoods_-_2560_x_1600.jpegredwoods_-_port3.jpegown_in_redwoods.jpegSG2.jpg

Why Buy a Gate From Sweetgates.com?

Premium Redwood CS; are cost saving Premium Redwood Gates.
PREMIUM REDWOOD SPLIT GATESPREMIUM REDWOOD GATES100_5213_-_resized.jpg100_5216_-_resized.jpg100_5222.jpg100_5321.jpg
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1)  Solid engineering.  13 years of time honored design has shown that the gates do not sag or warp.

2)  Handmade.  Very high quality.

3)  Ready to hang:

    -  Finished with your choice of stain.
-  Hinges are mounted on gate.

4)  Accessories are included in the price:
    * hinges
    * hinge bolts
    * gate stop and screws

5)  Personal customer service.  Talk to the gate builder instead of a salesman.

6)  Custom sizing at NO ADDITIONAL COST.  For a limited time

I invite you to compare these gates with other brands, and am confident that you will find great value at sweetgates.com.  Please let me know how I can help you with your gates.

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