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Gate Planning:

    - The premium gates are constructed with Redwood, a natural material that stands-out and complements stucco or stone walls.  They are great for your courtyard, side yard or backyard.

    - If your gate is visible from the street it will be a main focal point and can make a lasting impression on your guests and people passing by your home.  A quality gate will last for decades.



Determining The Best Location And Size For Your New Gate:

     - The typical gate opening consists of:

        * Wood posts set in concrete and stabilized with top and bottom fence rails.

        * Block walls built and finished with stucco.

    - If you are constructing the walls or fence and gate opening from scratch, construction of the opening is usually done before the gate is ordered.   The gate can be made ahead of time if a gate opening plan is drawn for your builder.  If needed, a plan with the opening specifications will be provided to you free of charge.


Taking Photos Of The Gate Opening:

            - Outside the opening.


            - Inside the opening.

Take photos near the opening with a small portion of fence/walls in view.  Also take photos standing back to show a bigger picture of the surroundings.

Photos should be as large as possible so the details are visible, please do not reduce the photos.


Measuring The Gate Opening:

     -  Measure the WIDTH of the opening in the exact location where the gate will be installed.  It is recommended that you measure the gate opening in three places:

        * Top
        * Middle
        * Bottom (2" up from walkway)

    -  Measure the HEIGHT of the opening.  Measure up from the walkway to the top of the wall, or if overhanging caps exist, up to the bottom of the caps.


    -  For masonry openings it may be best to install the jambs first, then take a second set of measurements of the finished opening.  The process should be coordinated so the jambs are the right length, and are finished to match the gate.


Custom Design Service:

    - Does your gate opening need to be created?  Do you have ideas for a custom gate?    I will use your ideas and create a design for you!  One which is not only a focal point... but a truly unique entrance for you and your friends and family.


Gate Design and Options:

    - Now for the fun part, the gate design and options.  If privacy is important, a six foot tall gate is recommended.  Flat Top gates provide maximum privacy.  If you want a view through the gate, select a porthole design which features artisan wrought iron from Italy.  A door for the porthole allows for privacy when you want it.  There are a number of ready made gate designs to choose from.  Or, you can easily create a one-of-a-kind gate by selecting the options yourself.



    Plan it yourself.  You will save money and your new gate will be built and installed just the way you want it.  I will help you with the information and guidance needed to get the job done.



    -  A quality gate helps to keep everyone safe and sound.








 Please double-check the width and height measurements of the opening before ordering.  The gate size for masonry openings should be about 4 inches less than the opening, to account for the Redwood jambs.