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Customers are welcome to come to the office to place an order.  If you need assistance, I will review your requirements and go over your order in detail.

If you need a custom gate or arbor created I will listen to your ideas and hammer-out a design to move forward with your project.


Gate Order Form:


Please have the stain color code ready when ordering. It is needed before any wood can be cut.  Sample cans of premium 25 year solid color exterior wood stain are available at Home Depot.  If you aren't sure about the color, I recommend that you get a sample can to determine the color is right for your gates.

(424) 280-6081


-  Need more than one gate?  Submit a separate form for each gate.  Include a unique name in the notes for each gate. 



Provide three WIDTH measurements:

    *  At the top of the opening, below the caps.

    *  At the middle of the opening.

    *  At the bottom of the opening, two inches up.

Measure HEIGHT from walkway up to the top of opening (or up to the bottom of the caps if they overhang into the opening).  Provide Left and Right measurements.

Gate OptionsGate_Swing_DiagramGate_Latches

If you need assistance filling-out the Gate Order Form and measuring the opening please consult with your installer or Carlton if you are in So. Cal.  Click on the Site Visits button to schedule.

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  -  If you encounter changes to an active order, please call A.S.A.P.

Please order early before you need the gates.  Unwavering quality takes time.  Gates take up to a week to build per panel.  Allow 6 weeks for basic orders and 10 weeks for custom orders with multiple options/gates.  This way, your gates may have a few  weeks to cure, a process that is highly recommended.

Stain Selector

Stain Selection Tips:

    -  Click on the Stain Selector button then the Fence button.  Select a color.  Make note of the code and enter it in the order form.  Note that the stain can be mixed using other BEHR color charts, and even other brand's charts.  You aren't limited to the colors in the stain chart.

    -  Pickup a sample can of stain and stain a wood sample or thick cardboard.  Let it dry and match it up to existing colors such as your front door, fence, shutters, house trim or garage door.

    -  Sweetgates.com provides bare Redwood samples for free.  Come by and pick some up today!

  -  Send photos of your gate opening that are at least 4 megapixels.  The bigger the better. 

If you have any questions about ordering feel free to call.  Scroll down to see the ordering guide below.  Click the Printable Tech Order Form button below for a printable version.

Make ordering easy.  Ask your installer, family member, friend or neighbor to help you measure the opening and help with other technical details.



-  First and Last Name or two names (i.e., Tom and Kirstin).

Cell Phone:

-  Mobile number of the main contact.  Home numbers often lead to a delay in communication.

Gate Type:

-  Select Flat Top or Arched gate.

Gate Opening Type:

-  Select either Wood Fence or Concrete Wall where the gate will be installed.  Concrete Walls include block, poured, stucco, stone veneer, pillars, columns, etc.

Gate Opening Width:

-  Measure from the left to the right side of the gate opening.

I recommend that you measure across the opening in 3 places:
    *  At the top of the opening, below the caps.
    *  Half way up the opening.
    *  Two inches up from the bottom of the opening.

Entering these 3 measurements gives me a 'fingerprint' of the opening.  With it I can better calculate the ideal size for you gate.
  Enter measurements to a 1/16" of an inch.

Gate Opening Height:

-  Measure up from the walkway to the very top of the opening (wall/column or fence post).

If there are caps that protrude into the gate opening, provide a second measurement:
     *  Up from the walkway to the bottom of the overhanging caps.

If the measurements for the right and left sides of the opening are different, submit the shorter side.

Pool Access:

-  Does this gate provide direct access to a swimming pool?  Yes or No.


-  Please click on the "Gate Swing Diagram" button.  Identify the ideal swing for your gate.

Select 'A' or 'B' for inswing gates.  Select 'C' or 'D' for outswing gates.


-  If you like the Antique Style Twisted Ring Latch, select it.  If not, select Other or None.  There is a simpler craftsman style ring latch which is not pictured on the website.  Note:  Gates come with everything needed for installation into wood jambs except the latch.  A latch is needed for gate operation.

Stain Code:

-  Please click on the "Stain Selector" button.  Identify the ideal color for your gate.  NOTE: you can use any BEHR color chart to select a color, so if you don't see the color you like in the stain chart, use another chart.

Enter the Stain Code into the form.


Notes are VERY IMPORTANT.  They provide details regarding your gate.  If you are like me, you like to do it right the first time.

The best time to include requests and details regarding your gate, is in the initial order.  The reason for this is I am not the best at revisions.  If you want to gather information, ask questions and build a small document ahead of time, that would be ideal.  That way, when you are done making decisions you can quickly enter all the information in the Gate Order Form.  Copy and paste the notes into the box and you're done.  I will have your order itemized with a total price in a jiffy.  I
f you decide to go ahead, your gate will be ready to build!

If you have more than one gate, enter notes about that gate in the corresponding order form.  That way, the details will be managed separately, and will be clear for each gate.

Include the name of the gate in the notes (i.e., Entry, Left Side, Right Side, Alley, Pool, Courtyard, etc.).

If you need shipping or a site visit, include your address in the notes.



Click on the "Upload Photos" button to upload a high resolution photo or two (one looking from the inside and one from the outside) of each gate opening.  Enter the name of the opening into the notes.

Feel free to call if you have any questions.  I prefer to connect with customers, which requires engaging them.  Contractors ask questions so I know homeowners have questions as well.  If you have several questions, write them all down and instead of emailing them, just pick up the phone and call.  I guarantee that the experience will be richer than email.  We'll both learn more in one call than 10 emails.

Gates are a specialty.  As a former general contractor that has built many custom homes, I am surprised at how much I've learned about gates over the last 13 years.

All The Best

Carlton Waite
Founder - sweetgates.com


Sweetgates.com crates and ships gates nationwide.  If you are interested in getting one of our gates shipped to your home, include your address in the order form.

Gate in Crate

Crate is Screwed Together - Materials are Reusable

Crate is Ready to Ship to Bloomington Illinois, a 2000 mile journey!

Driver at sweegates.com Shop in Santa Monica

Driver Fixing to load the Crate

When submitting additional specifications for an existing order, please DON'T enter the same information again, except for your nameEnter only the new specifications being submitted.


Email photos of the gate opening to:


We ship to 48 continental states.